The Official Journal of the Mycological Society of Nigeria ( MYCOSON)

2019 Edition - ISSN: 2006 - 7135 Niger J. Mycol. (Vol. 11, 2019)

  1. Evaluation Of Rice (Oryza sativa, L.) Blast Disease And Their Control With India Heliotrope (Heliotropium indicum) In Aninri Local Government, Enugu State, Nigeria p.1-14 by Yekini, B. A; Alade, O. D; Afolabi, C. G; Mbah, O. I and Dada, O. A
  2. The Possible Use Of Local Plant Products To Formulate Growth Media For In-Vitro Culture Of The Plasmodium Of Myxomycetes. p.15-25 by Onome, Felix and Ejale, Angela, U..
  3. Bioactivity And Phytochemical Composition Of Moringa Oleifera In The Management Of Fungal Rot Disease Of Orange-Fleshed Sweet Potato. p.26-45 by Dania, V.O. and Thomas, A. S.
  4. Evaluation Of Seed-Borne Fungi Associated With Paddy Rice (Oryza sativa L.) Varieties using different isolation Methods p.46-58 by George, T., Dania, V.O. and Ikotun, T.
  5. Fungi Associated With Fruit Rot Of Carica Papaya L. And The Effect Of The Pathogens On The Nutritional Value Of The Fruit (Papaya Fruit Rot And The Effect On Nutritional Value) p.59-71 by Tawose, F.O., Akintimehin, E.S., Ojo, F.M. and Abolaji, R.
  6. Influence Of Mutagens On Proximate Composition Of Pleurotus Pulmonarius Cultivated On The Family Poaceae p.72-84 by Simbiat O. Ayilara-Akande.
  7. A Survey And Collection Of Wild Mushrooms In Samaru, Zaria Local Government Area Of Kaduna State, Nigeria p.85-92 by Mani, D. J., Musa, H. and Bitrus, B.W.
  8. Fungi Associated With Soymilk During Storage p.93-101 by Akani, N.P. and Barika P.N.
  9. Haematological And Biochemical Properties Of Pleurotus ostreatus Mushroom Species p.102-114 by Oyekanmi, B. A., Onifade, A. K., Osho, I. B. and Adetuyi, F. C
  10. Effect Of Gas Flare And Seasons Of The Year On Fungal Diversity And Population In The Niger Delta Area Of Nigeria p.115-128 by Elenwo, C.E., Ogboghodo, I.A., Adekunle, A.T. And Ollor, O. A.
  11. Assessment Of Antimicrobial Properties And Bioactive Agents Inherent In P. ostreatus p.129-144 by Oyekanmi, B. A.,Onifade, A. K., Osho, I. B. and Adetuyi, F. C.
  12. The Effect Of Drying Temperatures On The Proximate Composition And Fungal Population Of Vernonia Amygdalina (Bitter Leaf). p.145-157 by Akani, N.P., Nwankwo C. E.I. and Aminu, A.
  13. Anti-Fungal Activities Of Ethanolic Extracts Of Moringa oleifera And Calotropis procera Leaves On Dematophytes Isolated From Children With Tinea Capitis p.158-171 by Akinmusire .O. Oyekemi, Omomowo .I. Olawale and Ndrimbula Joshua
  14. Comparative Analysis Of Using Yam Peels, Loamy Soil And Its Combination As Substrate For The Cultivation Of Pleurotus tuberregium Fr (Sing) Sclerotia p.172-181 by Okigbo, R. N., Anuagasi, C. L. and Emezie, B. O.
  15. Assessment Of The Proximate, Phytochemical And Antifungal Potency Of Crude Leaf Extract Of Asystasia gangetica p.182-195 by Chuku, E.C, and Emiri, U.N
  16. Morphological And Molecular Characterization Of Post-Harvest Fungal Of Ginger (Zingiber officinale) Rhizomes Fungi p.196-203 by Ikechi-Nwogu, C.G., Odogwu, B.A. and Pikibo, A.
  17. Effect Of The Crude Juice Extract Of Gmelina arborea Roxb. On Four Candida spp. p.204-209 by Adamu, K.Musa, H.,Adelanwa, M. A., Ibrahim, R.,and S. A Rabilu
  18. Tolerance Of Soil Fungal Isolates To Nigerian Crude Oil In Liquid Culture p.210-222 by Safiya Yakubu, Aisha Sani Dalhatu, Maryam Abdullahi
  19. Epidemics And Susceptibility Of Drugs Used On Vulvovaginitis In Women In Four States Of North Central Nigeria p.223-232 by Aleruchi, C., Adogo, L. Y., Nfongeh, J. F., Ajide, B.


Prof. D. B. Olufolaji

Dept. of Crop Soil and Pest Management

Federal University of Technology, Akure, Ondo State, Nigeria                            



Dr. S.O. Fakoya

Department of Biological Sciences, Ondo State University of Science and Technology, Akure. Ondo State . Nigeria


Dr. M.A. Ajayi

Department of Crop, Soil and Pest Management, Federal
University of Technology, P.M.B. 704, Akure. Ondo State . Nigeria