The Official Journal of the Mycological Society of Nigeria ( MYCOSON)

Current Issue 2018 - ISSN: 2006 - 7135 Niger J. Mycol. (Vol. 10, 2018)

  1. Phytochemical and In-vitro Screening Of Annona muricata Plant Against Clinical Fungi. p.1-16 by Ebabhi, A. M.,Kanife, U. C.,Bikomo, E.O., Julius, S. O., and Nnabugwu, E. C.
  2. Phytochemical Screening and Antioxidant Activity of Cultivated Ganoderma lucidum (Curtis). p. 17-30 by P. Karst. Ijimbili S. B. and Adenipekun C. O..
  3. Potentials of Methanolic Leaf Extracts of Moringa oleifera and Vernonia Amygdalina on Arachis Hypogaea Seed Fungi. P. 31-45 by Omugo, J.E., 2Amadi, J.E., 1Okere, C.S., Kemka-Evans, C.I. and 1Ngumah, M.O.
  4. Proximate and Elemental Analysis of Hygrophoropsis aurantiaca Growing from The Wild in Zaria, Nigeria. P. 46-58 by Musa, H. and Onwuasoanya Godfrey Emeka
  5. Influence of Organic and Inorganic Fertilizer on the Management of Maize Fusarium Stalk/Ear Rots In The Savannah Transition Zones Of Nigeria. P. 59-70 by Hamzat, O.T.H., Lawal, O.I. and Ojo, B.A
  6. In-vitro Evaluation Of Lipase Produced By Fungal Isolates On The Physical Chemical Quality Of Processed Shea Butter. p. 71-79 by Esiegbuya, O.D., Udoh, M.E and Koloche,I. M
  7. Varietal Effects on the Nutritional Quality and Mould Growth on Chrysophyllum albidum L. p. 80-87 by Barber, L. I. and Chuku, E.C.
  8. Evaluation of Leaf Extracts of Four Plant Species Against Rice Blast Pathogen (Magnaporthe oryzae) (T. T. Hebert) p.80-101 by M. E. Barr. Adebola, M. O., Ayeni, O. B, Aremu, M. B. and Kalesanwo, A. O
  9. In Vitro Fungicidal Potentials of Some Botanicals Against Phytophtoramegakarya Causing Black Pod Disease In Cocoa (Theobroma Cacao (LINN.)) p.102-115 by Adekale O. A., Olowe O. M., Odebode J. A., Akanmu A. O.
  10. Effects of Different Plant Sawdust Substrates On The Cultivation Of Pleurotus Ostreatus. p.116-128 by Adebola, M.O., Yusuf, S. Bello, T. S. and Kalesanwo, A.O


Prof. D. B. Olufolaj

Dept. of Crop Soil and Pest Management

Federal University of Technology, Akure, Ondo State, Nigeria



Dr. S.O. Fakoya

Department of Biological Sciences, Ondo State University of Science and Technology, Akure. Ondo State . Nigeria


Dr. M.A. Ajayi

Department of Crop, Soil and Pest Management, Federal
University of Technology, P.M.B. 704, Akure. Ondo State . Nigeria